Ace's Dad
Since Mar 24, 1998

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Retired tech writer from Virginia - Also, and proudly; Navy Reserve Retired - Desert Storm non-combat veteran - Pilot; Son of a barnstormer, father of an jet airline captain (Ace) - Father to two cuties - Grandpa of 8, Two great sons in law, one really fine daughter in law. I’ve had some health issues, including a minor heart attack.
Was the operations director at a small air museum in the Florida Keys (KMTH) What a dream retirement job! I’ve also made a private vow to get more engaged in politics in 2014. In 2016 and 2018, I’m a volunteer at the county GOP (including Trump) HQ in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. After the election, it’s back to Florida!
I, since 2016, have bounced back and forth from the Keys to a nice duplex in Shepherd, Michigan. I’m close to both daughters and their families, including 6 of my 8 grandchildren. Pretty much closed out my health issues, for the time being.