American Cabalist
Since May 11, 2005

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I'm a cross-breed political mutt: an independent constitutionalist with some libertarian leanings, a fiscal conservative, sly capitalist, radical nationalist and proud veteran who has to vote Republican in our disintegrating two-party political system.

I believe in America First, America Strong. Always. That's my political, social, and military philosophy rolled into one. Whatever that takes, and whatever it means, is what I'm FOR. I'm against anything that compromises our social, military, consitutional, and economical powers.

Out of all the above, I've cobbled together my own finicky brand of political angst. I don't like to waste time posturing, so I say what I mean. I can either be the life of the party or I can induce terrifically deadening silences. And THAT'S always fun.

Living by my personal credo of America First , I enlisted as a 17 y.o. in college in 1987. I served for six years in the US Army, 2 years overseas in Germany. I was born for it - it was in my blood. I was an LT when I got out in '93. I've missed it ever since.