Since Oct 20, 2004

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46 year old white male, single.
6'2", 200#, Dark hair and brown eyes.
Real name is Jeff
Live in Boise, ID
Part of the Atkins Cult of Thin Meat Eaters
Voted for Ford in the 1976 mock election in 1st grade, ran as a Republican in a mock election in 3rd grade, got angry at my mom for voting for Anderson instead of Reagan when I was 10, then registered Republican when I was 18 and voted for Bush 41 ('88 election) while I was in Navy boot camp in San Diego. Been voting regularly in primaries, and a straight Repub ticket in general elections ever since. Well, except for 2002 and 2012, when I voted for the Libertarian candidate for Nevada Governor and then again against Romney (I live in Idaho - Romney was going to win this state no matter what so my protest vote really made no difference), respectively.
Used to own a computer repair biz in Vegas then Boise, but decided it was time to quit living the dream and get a real job as a system engineer at a local technology company. They laid me off 5 years later, and I got a job as an Engineer at HP.