Since Jan 23, 2008

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22 years Military service. (Retired)
Married since 1985, two Children attending college.

Background: I am the product of a welfare home, entered foster care at age 11. I was fortunate enough to be placed with a Conservative leaning family and learned the difference between self-reliance and government sustenance. Both my foster Mother and Father Voted for Reagan and educated me in the difference between him and president Carter.
I watched the ravishing effects of Government Handouts without accountability first hand. My sister and brother who remained with my mother followed in her footsteps, both dysfunctional and both are now in institutions. My sister had her first of four children at 14; my brother was convicted of his first offense at 15 years of age in the 1980’s is and currently occupying a cell in a federal penitentiary. I no longer have any contact with my hereditary family.

Politics: I have never voted democrat. I believe in a constitutional republic and reject pure democracy and direct elections. I believe that the direct election of senators is harmful to the interest of the individual states, and favor the repeal of the 17th amendment. I believe that Senators should return to looking out for the interest of the states, and not as I now view them to be the equivalent of super delegates. I support the Electoral College.
I am at heart a Conservative Nationalist. I don’t care what the French, Germans, Russians or United Nations think about America. They should be more worried about what America thinks of them. If they wish to be our allies then good for them, but if they wish to obstruct or hinder our national interest in any way then they go on the same list as the communist and Islamo-facist.

Religious beliefs: I have no religious affiliation; I am not Christian, Jewish or Muslim. I believe in God and that all individual rights are inherent at birth. I reject abortion outright; I believe it to be an abomination, I do not view rape as a valid reason.