Since Apr 2, 2002

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Having wandered into this site by mention of a friend, I was entertained, informed and quite frankly mesmerized. There are so many well-educated and informed political junkies, historians, lawyers, constitutionalists, engineers, etc., my head still spins. The arguments, the drama, the lamenting, the whining, the wailing...Free Republic has become an addiction. Having lurked for a year, I now feel brave enough to have my name in the register. I will not post any beliefs or positions here. So you pigeonholers get a blank slate ;-)

But my interests are as follows: Political debate of all stripes; Over the Line(Stickball meets Softball for West Coasters); The cheering of my beloved teams left back East(Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers); The Simpsons; The search for a decent tomato pie outside of Trenton, NJ; The cool, intoxicating aroma of a freshly poured Guinness.

2003 Update: I am now the proud keeper of the Go Al Go! ping list. It is my and other Freepers sincere hope that Rev. Al Sharpton performs well in the Democratic the expense of other Democrats of course!

Become a Republican for Sharpton today!