Since Nov 11, 2002

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The Universal Natural Rights of Humans
All humans have the complete and full rights listed below unless they violate the rights, defined in this article, of others.

I. All humans have a complete right to their life to live as they choose
II. Every human’s responsibility is their own, and no human’s responsibility can be transferred to another human without the transferee’s consent, except in the case of parents, who are completely responsible for their offspring until the offspring declares individuality or reaches a set age
III. There are set processes in reality that always hold true, and are the only method used to determine guilt or wrongdoing, and all are innocent until proof of guilt
IV. Every human has the complete right to anything they have produced, designed, purchased, received, or otherwise required as long as they have not violated another human’s rights in doing so
V. Every human has the complete right to self defense and defense of property and the means to achieve it, including the ownership of weapons, and the right to use of force to enforce it
VI. No governmental organization can violate these rights for any reason, and any governmental organization can only function to protect these rights without violating them, and cannot assign its own rights
VII. All other aspects of life are left to the choice of discreet individuals, and cannot be controlled by government or otherwise

Anyone violating these rights has lost theirs in the process, and the punishment of the guilty should be pursued to the fullest extent possible to match the extremity of the violation