Since Nov 18, 2004

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Apparently I'm an anachronism, a blue collar Conservative. Basically I am an electrician who has a great interest in and fondness for history. Especially American History. I read voraciously at the rate of 3-5 books per week. These vary from such as Grant's Memoirs and Sherman's to Legal texts on the 9th Amendment and the debates in the first congress on the ratification of the Bill of Rights to science fiction. The books that I give away are usually The Federalist Papers and copies of Heinlein's Starship Troopers. Both are political. Currently I am reading everything by Ann Coulter.
Since I am approaching retirement age you could call me a pre-baby boomer. Served US Army 1961-64 (RA not US) XVIII ABN CORPS ARTY Held a Master Rifleman's classification with the NRA
Voted the first time for Goldwater. (This was an absentee ballot while on active duty..was told "If you vote for Goldwater, We'll still be in Viet Nam in 4 years." So I guess that was my fault.