Since Jul 15, 1999

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Answers to questions that are frequently asked of me.

What is SASU?

It stands for Straight Americans Speaking Up. It's just a way to ping people who believe that morality is important to society and that the Judeo-Christian morality is the best one to hold a society together.

Why do you put a '-' in G-d instead of an 'o'?

When I remember, I do it out of deference of the beliefs of Orthodox Jews. I will not do just anything that someone else believes I should do, but I will defer when it does me no harm.

Are you Jewish?

No. I am a Christian. However, Jesus and the original founders of the Christian church were all Jewish. Christianity is a Jewish religion. For historic and political reasons that I will not go into here, the Church and the Synagogue have split and each has called the other anathema, at least at some time in history.

Why do you write 'Shalom' at the end of your posts?

I write 'Shalom' at the end of all my posts because it is more clearly religious than the more innocuous 'Peace' of my native tongue. Shalom is a wish that G-d's Kingdom would come and right all the wrongs of the world so that there may be true peace. That is my wish for all who read these posts.

What ever happened to BRAAD?

Well, Jim Robinson didn't feel that was what FR was about. So we stopped. But for historical record, this is the ping list for BRAAD.

Argee; Fiddlstix;JMJ333; Tourist Guy; EODGUY; proud2bRC; abandon; Khepera; Dakmar; RichInOC;RebelDawg; onyx; AMERIKA;Dr. Good Will Hunting; GreatOne; John O;wwjdn;Tolerance Sucks Rocks;one2many;f.Christian;earonthief;Sierrawasp;Joe Driscoll;billbears;1 FELLOW FREEPER;Congressman Billybob;IM2Phat4U; BeforeISleep; Brad's Gramma; Xenalyte;