Artemis Webb
Since Feb 20, 1998

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THIS PAGE IS DEDICATED TO MY PRETTY WIFE LINDA, WHO IS BOTH WONDERFUL, AND SMARTER THAN ME. And who famously cried at the grave of an unnamed but controversial general of the civil war era. And when Boromir died. And when Frodo left Sam to go West. And when Jean ValJean died. And when the dog died in The Once And Future King but NOT when Torgo died. Torgo looks after things while The Master is away, don't you know.



The Old Man: Did you hear about this guy who swallowed a yo-yo?
The Mother: Swallowed a yo-yo?
The Old Man: Yeah on a bet. Some clodhopper down in Griffith, Indiana.
The Mother: They write the silliest things in the newspapers.
The Old Man: What do you mean, silly? I mean that's real news. That's not like that politics slop.
--A Christmas Story