Since Apr 24, 2001

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The Name

The origin of the name Arthalion: I'm a big fan of fiction, and became a Middle Earth fan at about enduring fascination that lasts to this day. In the Elven tongue that Tolkien created during his crafting of the Lord of the Rings, the word "artha" means high or noble. Likewise, "lion" means king or leader. Arthalion, therefore, is "Noble Leader" in the fictitious elven language.

The Person

I'm the father of three children, all mothered by my beautiful wife of twenty years. I've been a California resident since birth, and can trace my California ancestry to 1892...back to the times before the word "liberal" had so pummeled our beautiful state. Politically, I'm not registered with any party, though I usually vote Republican. I have a pretty stubborn libertarian streak in me, however, which keeps me from registering R. Still, I'm pragmatic enough to know that Libertarians will never hold a major office in this state or country...which is a good thing considering the low quality of the candidates coming out of the party recently.

Living in the Peoples Republic of California does tend to rub off on one, however. I freely admit that I'm an environmental conservationist and hunter, and I despise the unchecked urban sprawl that is destroying the once world-famous fertile soils around my home, and I strongly favor laws that require diverse reforestation of logged land and the protection of some "untouched" areas. I firmly believe that we should leave at least some of God's work unmarred by the hand of Man. God is smarter than us, and we shouldn't assume that we can improve on His works. I am not, however, a member of the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, or any of the other enviro-loonie groups. I believe that we must strike a balance between the needs of man, and mans need for nature. I also believe that the BEST conservators of the land are the people that own it...not the government. I own my own stretch of Sierra forest, and I do my best to keep it beautiful and wild. It would be nice if the rest of these "radical leftist environmentalists" would just shut up and buy the land they want to "protect" instead of whining to the government about it.

Thats all I can think to write at the moment. I'll update as the inspiration strikes (Which tends to be every few years)