Since Feb 18, 2003

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I retired from the US Army in June of 1988 after 20 years of service. I served in Viet Nam, was there for Tet of 68; even though I was a Drill Sergeant twice I spent most of my Army time as a paratrooper, even spent some time in the 7th Special Forces. After I retired from the Army I attended the University of Missouri at Rolla and obtained a BS in electrical engineering using the GI bill. I now work as an Air Force MILCON Program Manager at AFCEC/CFMA. My program bases are Dover AFB, DE; Grand Forks AFB, ND; McConnell AFB, KS; and Pope Army Airfield, NC. I live and work in San Antonio Texas when I am not TDY to one of the bases. My wife is from Italy, born and raised in Treviso near Venice; in spite of her Italian roots she is very conservative; I credit that to her Roman Catholic background. Both my wife and I have the Texas Concealed Handgun License. I am now deployed to Afghanistan for a year to help tend to some of the electrical infrastructure. 66 years old and still contributing.