Since Feb 18, 2003

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I retired from the US Army in June of 1988 after 20 years of service. I served in Viet Nam, was there for Tet of 68; even though I was a Drill Sergeant twice I spent most of my Army time as a paratrooper, even spent some time in the 7th Special Forces. After I retired from the Army I attended the University of Missouri at Rolla and obtained a BS in electrical engineering using the GI bill. I now work as an Air Force MILCON Program Manager at AFCEC/CFMA. My program bases are Dover AFB, DE; Grand Forks AFB, ND; McConnell AFB, KS; and Pope Army Airfield, NC. I live and work in San Antonio Texas when I am not TDY to one of the bases. My wife is from Italy, born and raised in Treviso near Venice; in spite of her Italian roots she is very conservative; I credit that to her Roman Catholic background. Both my wife and I have the Texas Concealed Handgun License. I even deployed to Afghanistan for a year to help tend to some of the electrical infrastructure. Have returned to my MILCON Program manager job at Lackland, am now 69 years old and still contributing. Will likely retire when I reach 70.