Astro Boy
Since May 24, 2002

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I studied art in the 1980s.I had some of my cartoons published in several liberal "underground comix" in 1988-89. During this time, my editor and mentor died from a cocaine-induced heart attack.In the same year, I was a victim of an armed robber in Georgetown, and also a home invasion, where we fought off the attackers. After the home-invasion, I decided to try to seek out people who were pro-gun and also conservative. I became very distrustful of liberals and those who told me that owning weapons is equal to "looking for trouble". I lost my best friend at this time, because he followed the PC rule. Sometimes, fighting the "elitists" is difficult, and I feel alone and frustrated. This is where networking with other pro-freedom people come in. I'd like your thoughts. Thank You