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Since Nov 8, 2000

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Became an active Freeper during gore's attempted theft of the presidency. Many who attended the Portland, ME Freep on 12/16/00 (A very, very cold Saturday on which some 200 Bush protesters made their views known at Monument square) may recall me as the loudest and most active fellow there that day. I even spiked the attempt at political theater by Ch# 51 to interview the sole libbo there. Color photo of me doing this graced the front page of the Portland Sunday Herald the next day!

Born & raised in Woods Hole, MA. Now overlooking the Aroostook River on the Presque Isle/Caribou line.

I'm not happy unless I surround myself with libbos for rhetorical entertainment. Those libbos I don't convert, I shame.

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Am captain of a 210' factory trawler with crew of 48. My company has 7 ships with crew in excess of 500 total, all of whom are made very aware of the new free press (Free Republic being the leading example of this modern phenomenon) through my company-wide faxing and emailed newsletters. Ships at sea (The Bering sea, in our case) are true breeding grounds for conservatism- no fog of libbo media to cut through out there!

I guess you could say I'm something of an activist....

See my Cafe Press site loaded with action-packed photo products for a taste of life on the Bering Sea! volcanicfishermen

Also, have a look at aroostook beauty for scenes from the loveliest part of The State of Maine, Aroostook County!

9/2004- A brief update- I'm now running tugboats in New York City. Have a look at some exciting tugboat life and scenes around NYNY at Tugboats of New York also!

And don't neglect the new gallery at my studio where my finest images are available in your choice of framing & media including canvas up to 3' wide!


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