Since May 15, 2004

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15 year old High School Incoming Sophomore in Sacramento. My blog
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quotes about me
“Andy, thank you so much for writing to Senator Perata to support my nomination to the California Fish and Game Board. It was by far the nicest and most articulate letter so far.” -- California Fish and Game Commissioner Marilyn Hendrickson
“14 year old’s shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but they should make an exception for you!” -- Mark Williams, KFBK Radio
“Andy, you are a very articulate and intelligent young man.” -- Don Olberman, The Washington Post
“I like your shirt. This is a great place to wear it.” (referring to Bush campaign T-Shirt. This meeting took place at the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston.) -- Speaker of House of Representitives Dennis Hastert
“Ted Kennedy is going to be here in an hour. Too bad, if he was here now I would introduce you to him.” (Note: I had a George W. Bush campaign t-shirt on) -- Kennedy Presidential Library security guard