Badabing Badablonde
Since Jul 11, 2007

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Made you look.............

......conservative Native Texan, divorced, mom of two miracles, Christian, employee of US Department of Health and Human Services (Medicare and Medicaid).....Mavericks, international travel, working out, proud monthly supporter of Wounded Warrior Project, cheesecake, photography, Special Olympics volunteer....blah blah blah....proudly pierced and tattoo-ed....blah blah and let live.

Got a bucket list?......
1. Help deliver a baby
2. Stand on the Great Wall of China
3. Kiss a hot guy in Red Square
4. Run a marathon
5. Drive a Ferrari
6. Zip-line over a jungle
7. Do my own taxes (complete)
8. Float in a pool in Iceland
9. Sky-dive
10. Fall asleep in the arms of the love of my life (complete)

First they taxed the gentlemen’s clubs, and I didn’t speak up, because I don't gawk at strippers.
Then they taxed tobacco, and I didn’t speak up, because I don’t smoke.
Then they taxed the sodas, and I didn’t speak up, because I only drink bottled water.
And then they taxed chocolate, and I got my gun and mowed ‘em all down, because I had PMS.