Since Oct 10, 2003

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The founding of our country should be a lesson for all of us, but unfortunately it is not. In America's battle for independence people longing for liberty and self determination risked their lives, their property and their eventual freedom to fight for those God given rights that all men are born to.

They went up against the most powerful nation in the world and endured extreme odds in their fight to be free. When they were finally victorious and essentially placed themselves on the verge of becoming the most powerful and prosperous nation the world had known, they did what no nation on earth had ever done before; they wrote and adopted a constitution denying themselves power.

Rather than live by this inspiring example, our country seems willing to give it all up to serve politicians who have taken citizen service and disgraced the ideals expressed in our Constitution in order to create power and wealth for themselves.

..and now for some more recent stuff

I have unlimited quantities of better than before incandescent bulbs. Why do I say “better than before”? Because with a 130v filament, our newest incandescent bulb will last much longer, be brighter and use less energy that the 120v bulbs we are all used to.

On top of that, these bulbs are what’s called rough service bulbs. These are the bulbs that plumbers, mechanics and tradesmen always look for because they have a greater resistance to being hit or dropped.

I am offering a great deal at just a buck apiece, but to make the shipping worth while, it makes even better sense to order a dozen or more. 60w and 40w will be available after the first of the year.

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