Bear Brooks
Since Jun 6, 2007

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A Jackass at Every Turn! How to Act Like an American When Everyone Around You Will Not!

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The Book Description (review below)

America is out of control. Political correctness rules the world. Irresponsible people make the rules. Government wastes, whining politicians, party line voting, our failed education system, judges making laws, and all we do is keep ignoring the abuse being dealt to us on a daily basis. We are being abused by our own ignorance. There are stupid people and there are those of us who are just ignorant. If you do not know what ignorance means, look it up. Politicians who are dying to turn America into a socialist society, where the government controls every aspect of our lives, are attacking us. Your friends, your neighbors, your bank, your employers, your employees, and everyone else are just waiting for the chance to cheat, steal, or just abuse you. Who is going to get you next?

With a no-holds-barred approach, author Bear Brooks shares his thoughts and feelings on the state of America today. His outspoken discussions center around politicians, the rapid rise of lawsuits, environmentalists, dating, and marriage. Candid and bold, Brooks will make you stop and think about issues that affect us all.

Book review by: (Madison, WI United States)

Reading this book is like getting on the bus departing at midnight from Las Vegas to Chicago. All seats are taken except the one next to a guy who starts his rant before you leave the depot. In Georgia-based Bear Brooks’s case it’s what jackasses the Democrats are, the Republicans, Corporate CEO’s, lawyers, airlines, telemarketers, etc. Just when you think you can’t take it anymore he hits upon a topic with which you agree: Why do they keep collecting tolls after the roads are paid for? How come new cars dent like beer cans? Who thinks labels are necessary like the one on an iron that warns you not to iron clothes while wearing them? This book not only raises the question of why we should listen to experts but also why we should listen to someone who says to the reader, “You may be smarter than I am, but I have one thing to say to that: who cares!” For one thing, Bear is an equal-opportunity smart ass. Nothing and no one is off limits, and every once in a while that’s refreshing. For another, he forces us to wonder why we believe what we do. How many better books can claim as much?

And finally, he is funny with chapter headings such as “My God Can Beat Up Your God” and “’I Do Not Pay for Sex; I’m Married.’ (Yeah, Right).” Who are not jackasses, you ask? Surprise. Brooks identifies radio talk-show hosts as guys with the gonads to say what needs to be said. Nevertheless, after the bus starts to empty you remain in the seat with him, and before long you’re saying good-bye. You might not want to invite Bear Brooks’s ideas home with you, but the time reading his book goes quickly. Hurray for the common man! Now where’s my beer?