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A few reasons why "Ithaca is the City of Evil":

Originally called "Sodom" in frontier days, and home to Lucifer Falls, Ithaca is host to two colleges, Cornell U (aptly nick-named "the Big Red") and Ithaca College (which flies the gay flag over its campus), the two major employers in the area. They ensure that a disproportionate amount of "ivory tower liberals" dominate the city.

Here are some typical Ithacans:
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Scary, huh? Almost a kind of "Dawn of the Grateful Dead" zombie vibe, isn't there?

With a crew like this in charge, "locating copies of National Review or the American Spectator requires a trip out of the City, while Ithaca magazine racks remain well-stocked with copies of The Progressive, and The Nation. Readers interested in exposing themselves to a full range of national opinion are simply out of luck."

As a result of this dominiance, politics in Ithaca runs the gamet from "liberal" to "communist."

For years, the town had an openly socialist mayor. They later elected him to the school board.

Even today, the City and County governments are dominated by democrats and Green party members. Ithaca is so "Green" that Ralph Nader got more votes in Ithaca than George W. Bush, and the NYS Green Party held its 2002 nominating convention there. The former Chair of the County Legislature (and current regional parks director) is a radical former anti-war protester, self-described hippie, who says "My values haven't changed, just my tactics."

Another local political figure,/business owner Joseph Wetmore, commenting on September 11, said >"I think the U.S. is starting to pay for the fact that it's been a rogue state for years."

As a result, we get lunacy like spending $500,000 to install solar panels on the new library (in cold, dark, upstate NY).

Even law enforcement is subject to political correctness. One former police chief's major concern was "pushing for departmental diversity.". His replacement was picked because they wanted a minority, but he failed the civil service exam twice. A subsequent chief was chosen simply because they wanted a woman. Her most notable accomplisments were attending topless protests and and banning the U.S. flag from police uniforms.

The current chief tends to keep a lower profile. However, the current Mayor is so steeped indentity politics that, when a white police officer shot a black convicted felon and suspected drug dealer in self-defense, the Mayor attended the drug dealer's funeral.

To make matters worse, the liberals who dominate Ithaca work overtime to impose their ultra liberal agenda on the area children. As the local newspaper recently put it, “In most places, youngsters spend their summers camping, or at the mountains or the beach. In Ithaca, they learn how to become social activists.”

The School District has mandated that elementary school students in the first and second grades be graded on how well they "respect others of varying cultures, genders, experiences, and abilities." It's even listed on the schools' report card. Despite this alleged tolerance, a student who was found reading the bible on her lunch hour was chastised for doing so. Another was directed not to bring a book about Christmas to school.

There's even a taxpayer funded "alternative" (ie, hippie) school that let's students graduate in majors like basket weaving and political activism, and invited convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to be its graduation speaker .

These schools churn out "educated idiots," who are so liberal, they write editorials that argue "Bin Laden is Human too."

Need more proof? Do a search for "Ithaca" here at FR. You'll see a regular dose of institutionalized, unfettered, liberal idiocy.

As a result of its unfettered liberalism, Ithaca was voted most enlightened (ie, liberal) city in America by the ultra left Utne Reader. As a good, conservative Freeper, I'm sure you'll agree that, contrary to what Utne says, "liberal" is not "enlightened." Unfettered liberalism is, well, evil.

As the most liberal city in America,"Ithaca is the City of Evil."

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