Since Dec 10, 2004

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I'm a conservative teenager (18 yrs. old)in my first year of College. (FCCJ-on to Florida) Majoring in Communications (plan to be a journalist, Rush my idol). I do not believe in evolution (so sue me!).

Three thousand Bush supporters gather in Crawford to protest Cindy Sheehani.

Favorite SciFi character: Ra Least favorite: Jack O'Neill SciFi actor w/ my name: yes, Stargate SG-1, Farscape

Things that annoy me: Liberals, Leftists, Marxists, kids walking around with CCCP shirts on (this absolutely enrages me, worse, the kid was irish-american), Alan Colmes, Maureen Dowd (whatever happened to her?), Helen Thomas's face (not really, more like her entire physical being, her body is very indicative of the type of person she is), Larry King (freepmail me for my opinions on both Alan and Larry), pacifists, people who whine about "giving peace a chance", Michael Moore and the rest of the left wing nutjobs that spout off idiot statements.