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If I described myself truthfully, you would never believe it anyway :-)
So I will just remain a mystery....
Political images I have made up.. feel free to use :-)They constitute satire and political commentary and are allowable as such under fair use statutes.
Various image archives | 08/19/15 | Bobalu

Posted on 8/20/2015, 12:30:59 AM by Bobalu





La Migra Trump


Create New Government


The Overbearing bellboy

I can't spare this man- he fights

Lindsey- Looks like alice faye

Trump - Dont grovel or pander

Like a freeper running for president

Trumps The One

Revenge of trump(not my graphic..but a great image0

Laughing w the devil while the world burns

Only Trump can build the wall

ALGORE 2001 --Klatu Barada Nitwit

MST3K Pokinh fun at Bush

Kroutheimer version of MST3K

Trump Brought a shovel

Get this Mccain RINO outa my sight!

Fiorina causes headache

Trump or Cruz or we lose

Churchill - Trump

Who u want sitting across the table

two champs make a winning ticket

ACME catalog of GOPee dirty tricks

Never apologize It's a sign of weakness

Trump says same as patriots yell at TV

Walker is pathetic

Trump only conservative media

Take trump Out!

Trump had great debate coach

The Force is strong with them

Batman n Robin

Alpha Male - mail?

Jeb - Useful idiot

Gipper Approved!

Jeb - Pedro small

Jeb - Pedro Big

Perry chokes Dawg

Perry Big glasses or small head?

Jeb w guitar

All the RINOs hate Trump

Good called evil

Trump - something to say, not hide

Trump is bull in China shop

Trump - Don't tread on me

Houston commercial photography

Proud 2b unrepentant

Booed God 3x

That which does not kill me...

We will Have no more of those who have same goals as opposition

Trump Button

Illegals treated better than veterans

Benedict Arnold McCain

Best minds not in gov

Ronald to Donald

Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump

Jeb - It's my turn dammit

W Reagan - control borders

1 illegal alian pic worth 1000 denials

Trump - resistance leader

Trump Cruz immigration position

Make America great again TRUMP/CRUZ

Trump/Cruz Jeb why the long face?

Jeb/Pedro plain

Brains Bux 2016

Jed (not my work but great)

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If anyone wishes to use my simple graphic feel free to do so. No attribution need to given to me. More coming every day..please send any suggestion. BTW: I made them all using the free and simple Irfanview program :-)