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Since Apr 10, 2004

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Strong US ties, so much so that I feel as though I am North American first, and secondly, Canuck and American conjoined. The America in God Bless America, includes me. There are no borders in my heart. I have family spread across Canada, and family/friends in the U.S.A., namely (Canada - British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Quebec) (U.S.A.- Ohio, New York, Arizona, California, Florida, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, Nevada). One of my favorite places is Sedona, Arizona, and in Canada, Sauble Beach, Ontario. I have visited most states, but want to explore the Texas hill country, particularly, and visit longer in the Dakotas, and the Virginias, and see Alaska (as well as the Canadian Yukon).

I love the warmth of the people everywhere, but particularly Tennessee, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas. Oh, what the heck - I've never had a bad experience in the U.S., and never met an unfriendly person in my many trips, personal and business.

I have an internet sales business, have owned different businesses in the past, have worked in government, utilities, creative manufacturing, personal service, etc. Prefer to work for myself.

Hobbies are writing, Fantasy and SF, poetry, music (jazz, RandB, classical, oldies, big bands, Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc., Country, Blue Grass - anything that has a good beat, and creative sound). Like to sing. Play piano. Create modern art designs. Mess around with the computer. Visit Freeperland.

Believe in the power of prayer and say my prayers daily - praying for the servicemen and women in harm's way, have adopted some, copied the names of others down in a book to I can pray for them and their families, in a block, and especially, I pray for President George W Bush and his team, and for the safety and freedom of our countries.

Can't stand: liberals, liberal points of view (haven't found any that were any good), whiners, egomaniacs, enemies of civilization, enemies of our two countries, pseudo-intellectualism, snobbishness, pettiness, laziness, people with their hands out as their way of life. (I'll add to this list, I'm sure.)

I like kids, animals, particularly house rabbits, cats, dogs. Have always wanted to ride a motorcycle, haven't yet. Like watching poker and snooker tournaments on the telly, hockey, football (Canadian and American), car races (any type), fishing. (Probably add to this list too)