Since Mar 29, 2006

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Hi and a very good afternoon to all.
OK... been a news photographer for about 35 years medically retired now age 60 but 'been around a bit'. Seen a bit of the 'smelly stuff' flying about and 'dived for cover'a few times but never served.

Obsessive 'Americanophile' love the country the people the history, driven US101 Seattle to San Diego 3 times and can't wait for the fourth. Florida ( Kennedy was awesome shed some tears at the drawing of Christa as I sometimes do when I see footage of Gus, Ed and Roger and why the hell not!), New York fab Washington DC brilliant.

Not bothered by 'rendition' as far as I'm concerned while the SOBs are in the air they ain't killing anybody same goes for Gitmo. Iraq ? well I think the sooner we( you and us) leave the better but the place has to have a stable government and I support what we are doing. Thats It..God bless America.