Since May 4, 2002

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A very proud Freeper, fond of my FRiends and grateful for an island of sanity where I can go to vent, invent, repent, and relent while getting my points across. Have gotten more belly laughs on FR than on Ebaum’s World and YouTube put together. However I have to admit that just kills me. One of many who live in terror of the Clintons ever being near the White House again.

A native Californian, I have a big, close family and am musical, single and “I loves to mingle.” I work in the legal field and sell on Ebay for fun and profit!

Rush Limbaugh follower, but not a dittohead. George Bush fan - I’d love to meet him one day and if I could I’d simply say “Thank you, George”.

God Bless our troops {:^D