Since May 1, 2004

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Daughter of Lt. Col. Roger J. Bartholomew, USA, KIA, Vietnam '68
Late husband, USMC Special Forces and aviator
Current husband, active duty USMC
Brother, USMC aviator

I'm a writer, focussing on military issues and politics and was happy to be part of the Vietnam Vets Against Kerry movement last year. Also active in local politics in Newt's old district. I'm a republican leaning libertarian and a former journalist who's seen way too many untruths in the media.

Love, FR, and David Horowitz.
Currently a mom of two and a half (baby on the way)and pastime is educating my suburban women neighbors on basic politics, trying to get them more engaged.

I support GWB's war on terrorism, love the USA, and believe each of us can make a difference.

Vietnam veterans against Kerry are my favorite new constituent group, and I'm their cheerleader.

Anyone needing a free lance writer, drop me a line. (wouldn't mind at least one paying job a year!)