Since Nov 30, 2000

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Even though I've lived almost my entire adult life in liberal Austin, Texas (AKA "The People's Republic of Austin") I've managed to maintain a Conservative outlook and occasionally (proudly!) convert a few away from the Dark Side of the Force.

Baylor University Graduate, class of '75. Collegiate Highlight was, of course, being there to watch Baylor win the SWC Football Championship for the 1st time in 50 years.

I make a mean Chili Con Queso and killer Southern Fried Chicken. I can't cook fish worth a damn, even though I love seafood and vacation on/near the ocean at every opportunity.

Favorite movies: "My Fair Lady", and "This is Spinal Tap".

I can program my VCR (in fact, nearly any electronic gizmo) but do NOT understand "simple" plumbing repairs.

Proud Freeper since 2000.