Since Jan 1, 2001

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Born and raised in southern California, CartoonistX has been riding the crest of America’s political storm waves since, like, forever, Dude. His first cartoons appeared in various area college newspapers beginning in the late 60’s because his colleges were, well, various. Always a student of history and politics, his illustrations described those turbulent days with a depth of knowledge and a sense of the absurd that few of his less politically minded friends appreciated. “Get into plastics” they said. “Draw for Disney”. Choosing, instead, to heed only the encouragements from many editors and publishers around the Golden State, Cartoonistx continued to swim out beyond the breakwater of reason in search of the perfect graphic image. Decades later, he is still getting ink on his hands and the obligatory hate letters (now in the e-mail version) that are the hallmarks of the working political cartoonist. His efforts appear most days on the Cagle Cartoons website and at CartoonistX has been the recipient of three SPJ Inland Empire Region First place honors and in 1996 and in 2004 his cartoons brought him first place awards in the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s annual “Better Newspapers” contest.