Since Dec 1, 2000

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I am president of a small corporation by the name of IMAGE CONSULTING SERVICES, Inc. We sell and service diagnostic x-ray equipment to hospitals, dr offices, vets and chiros. I have been in the medical imaging business for about 35 yrs -just about getting the hang of it). I have now retired to take care of my LadyinRed fighting her lung cancer with her...I like doing the FreeRep stuff and think its time to get rid of the P.C. attitude that our legislators and media currently have. We now need to start working on replacing the “ Lets Just Taxem More ; State Assembly. Sometimes it gets rough living in the now ;TOO Cali LIBERAL; state. Voter fraud is protected by TOO MANY demoncrats. I think the general population of this country is too damn lazy to seek the truth about political matters and rely on the anti-conservative liberal news media that does not tell ALL THE NEWS. I am the proud husband of LadyinRed ( passed away July 28, 2008 )AND proud of OTHER FREEPERS LIKE ME