Since Nov 6, 2008

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94 yr old WW2 vet—honored to have a part in Normandy Invasion 6/6/44 with United States Coast Guard Rescue Flotilla 1 as CMoMM on CG43(83464)-—60-83’ wooden hull, gasoline engine CG cutters that were deployed at all beaches for rescue work during Invasion period and many months later-—Flotilla 1 officially credited with saving 1438 men and 1 woman from cold waters of English Channel-—8 children, 41 grands and great-grands, lost my 1st Mate of 57yrs,8mos,8days in June ‘08 and trying to navigate thru the dense fog that surrounds my life now-—May God Bless our Nation for the next 4 years but only if the people deserve such Blessings-—May God always Bless the Troops who have served the USA with Honor and Devotion no matter what the Rotten Politicians have done to our beloved America-—When you are discouraged, remember that God rules in Heaven and over the affairs of men-—His Will most certainly will be done and His Plan is safely in place—