Since Nov 22, 2000

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85 yr old ww2 vet(’41-’47)—cmomm, uscg—nyc harbor security boarding detail—eastern sea frontier anti-sub patrols—normandy landings(6/6/44) juno beach, canadian sector, chief engineer on cg43/83464 of ‘cg rescue flotilla 1’-—married 57 years(same woman)—8 children, 34 grands and greats-—love this Nation with passion and pride-—am overjoyed that we now have a President who will honor and respect everything America stands for-—sometimes it is difficult to hold on as so many seem to care only for themselves and not this ‘great nation’-—please read history and see what happens throughout the ages to nations that allow themselves to become soft and turn the education of their young over to liberal thinkers-—all have succumbed from within before they were taken over from the outside-—I pray for all citizens to learn the truths before we lose what has been and still is, the best hope of mankind-—God Bless Free Republic and those who care—God Bless our Troops—God Bless our President-—God Bless America