Cobra Scott
Since Apr 22, 2002

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I am an avowed atheist. I do not see that as a detriment to being a conservative. Let me explain; whatever your religious notions are concerning Israel as a state, the fact remains that they ARE a state. Anyone uncomfortable with their attitude towards hamas must address the issue of hamas bombarding Israel with rockets. It is that simple. No religious precept needed.

In the case of abortion, it seems logical to me that a person killing a pregnant woman has indeed committed two murders. Unfortunately state law differs on this. Why is that? Is the law not clear on murder?

I believe other analogies may be derived from the above examples.

I could go on, but my hope is that fellow freepers understand that I stand with them on probably every issue in a constitutional aspect, and I hope that all will acknowledge me as a brother in the foxhole. I may not accept an invitation for a prayer vigil, but it does not mean I disregard the sentiment. Please consider this as a blanket acknowledgement that faith is an integral part of society; I do not share the faith, but yet I back the sentiment on logical grounds. I think Karl Rove expressed similar sentiments, and did so gracefully.

Thank you.