Since Sep 15, 2004

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I am a Chemical Officer in in Army Reserve. I have been in the Army Reserve since 1987 in a variety of positions, including both staff and command. I was mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and served as the chemical officer for a Patriot missile Brigade during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait and Iraq. I was mobilized again and recently completed eight months in support of Operation Enduring Freedom serving at a division level Army Reserve Headquarters in the continental U.S.

When I am not mobilized, I am a Federal Probation Officer (since 1995).

One shameful fact: I am from Hot Springs, Arkansas (the boyhood home of x41), and for that I apologize.

Another shameful fact: I even went to the same church x41 supposedly went to while I was growing up (I never saw him in the 18 years I went there, however).

I am proud that, although we are from the same hometown, I have never met x41, but I have met Ann Coulter!!

I am a lifetime member of the NRA, a hunter, and a practical pistol competitor (I prefer Colt 1911's and Glock 35's).