Since Dec 1, 2000

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Retired software engineer - asm/C/C++/Delphi

Ex DC Cop

Vietnam Vet - HM2/USN M/3/3 Marines 66-67

Go Terps

Geaux Tigers

Don't you guess that the things we're seeing now will haunt us through all the years;
Heaven and hell rolled into one, glory and blood and tears;
Life's pattern picked with a scarlet thread, where once we wove with a grey
To remind us all how we played our part in the shock of an epic day?
We'll breathe free air and we'll bivouac under the starry sky;
We'll march with men and we'll fight with men, and we'll see men laugh and die;
We'll know such joy as we never dreamed; we'll fathom the deeps of pain;
But the hardest bit of it all will be - when we come back home again.

From Rhymes of a Red Cross Man by Robert W. Service

I wouldn't worry about it none, though. They're dreams, and dreams are only in your head.
Bob Dylan

Doc's picks for 2016:

Rubio: US-born: no US citizen-parents
Jindal: US-born: no US citizen-parents
Cruz: Canadian-born dual-citizen: one US citizen-parent

For constantly complaining to my parents about giving me four sisters and no brothers,
God has rewarded me by giving me four daughters and no sons.