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Note: this page has been and will be written over the course of time. Please forgive the different uses of tense and persons since I have/will write this at different times and I lack the time to edit.

Do Not Vote For List

Established on 8/12//2015

Jeb (8/12/15)
Linda (8/12/15)
Lard-ass (8/12/15)
Carly (8/12/15)
Rick S. (8/12/15)
Rick P. (8/12/15)
Jim (8/12/15)
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Scott (8/18/15)

Current Location: Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, USA
Birth Place: Wood County, West Virginia, USA - I was kicked out when I was 2 months old - I had too many teeth
Raised in: Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA - I went to college at age 18 and never moved back - I don't want anything do large populations or cities. My current location has too many people and I cannot wait to retire.
Planned retirement migration: Boundary County, Idaho, USA

visited 42 states (84%)
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My father's side of the family immigrated to Isle of Wight County, Virginia Colony from England; and from the Isle of Jura, Scotland to Moore County, the Province of North Carolina prior to 1650 (multiple ancestors). My mother's side of the family immigrated to Carlton County, Minnesota, USA from Lappi (Lapland), Finland in 1896. My family is white, protestant and conservative (less those still living in Minnesota, but they no longer like Obama). I have two daughters, one is in high school (cyber school) and the other is at Penn State. My daughters have done stints in private school, public school, home school and cyber school (which is kind of like homeschooling in our household today). My elder daughter did not graduate from government school and my youngest has no plans to do so either.

Political Leanings
Mixture of radical, right-wing conservative and Libertarian. I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-military, pro-self-responsibility, anti-government, anti-regulations and anti-taxes.

Currently reading (to be updated over time as I read new books. This section was started in January 2015 - I won't include books that I have previously read.)
January 2015: Prelude to Foundation, Issac Asimov. Yes, I like Sci-Fi, and the Foundation Trilogy is classic. I am rereading the trilogy that I first read as a kid. Note: the trilogy has been added to over the years, with Prelude to Foundation not part of the trilogy. I am reading this book purely for pleasure and recreation.

January 2015: The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan, Sir Winston S. Churchill. From Before he was the Prime Minister of England, and before he was even in Parliament, Winston Churchill was a soldier, stationed first in India and then in Sudan. His early years in the British army form the background for this historical work, which is actually his second published book. Written in 1899, it is an account of Britain's re-conquest of the Sudan, providing a description of the British conflict led by Lord Kitchener against Islamic Jihadists set to conquer Egypt and drive out infidels. Many battles and important figures are described, from the murder of General Charles George Gordon, to the siege at Khartoum, to the Battle of Omdurman. Throughout the work there is also a generous amount of commentary concerning Mohammedanism, British attitude to the war, the modern machinery of war, such as the telegraph, and its relative effectiveness. Churchill was ready to criticize if he found fault, and some of this censure was removed when his political career began. This edition is an unabridged version of Churchill's work, first written as a soldier, war correspondent, and young man with a bright and momentous future before him.

I have just begun reading this book. Churchill's description of history and use of the English language is fascinating when compared to today's writers. I have decided that I will spend some time this year reading only older tomes (70+ years and older). This is an excellent volume to read if you want a frank understanding of Islam since it was written before the age of political correctness. It is also interesting to read Churchill as he writes about imperialism. He uses terms such as Negro, aboriginals, and savages in the way that is not demeaning, but accurately describe the peoples of Sudan and the need for imperialism. Churchill clearly writes from exceptional point of view, in terms of race, religion, and culture. There is a sense of charity and munificence towards the indigenous people of Sudan in his writing while at the same time a disdain of Arabs and Islam. He makes no qualms about discussing the Muslim slave trade where Negros are taken from Sudan to Jedda to be sold. This can be contrasted today as the slave trade still exists, and is utterly ignored by leftist academics who are willing to go on ad infinitum about how Negros in America are victims of slavery only to create a falsehood to support the arguments for the redistribution of wealth and freedom in America.

National Debt

The national debt has exploded under Obama. This means that taxpayers today and in the future will have to pay off the national debt. This means my children and grandchildren (which have not been born) will have to pay off the national debt. Obama has increased the national debt more than all previous presidents combined. Where did the money go? It went to people that didn't pay taxes. It went to Obama's people..

As much as I dislike Romney, he was right about the 47%. Yes, there are working people that have jobs and do not pay federal taxes. And then there are able bodied and of sound minded people that do not work and do not pay federal taxes. These are the 47% - a vast majority are Obama's people and Obama voters. They are the beneficiaries of government handouts.

While debt is not necessarily a bad thing, it becomes a problem when interest payments consume too much revenue. Soon, the interest payments on the national debt will surpass defense spending. This weakens America. As individuals we know that one of the strongest financial positions to be in is when you have little or no debt, an adequate amount of available unused credit and a cash reserve equal to six to twelve months of income. It is no different for the federal government and strength it would give our economy.

Solving the nation debt problem: A multi-prong solution is required given the enormity of the problem. 1.) Cut social spending and divert savings from social spending cuts to paying down the national. 2.) Require those that have received handouts from government to pay back their debt to society. If those that owe a debt are unwilling to pay back their debt to society then they are forced into servitude. 3.) Grow the economy through a reduction in taxes and elimination of regulations. Concurrently, government spending should be reduced. This will create a budget surplus. That surplus needs to be directed to the elimination of the national debt.

We should not stop when the debt is eliminated. Many states have or have had rainy day funds. The federal government should have a rainy day fund that is only to be used for waging war. I am open to debate to how much the fund should be, but I am thinking one to two years of the defense budget.


I am proponent of diversity with limits. For instance, having an American population that consists of men and women is a good thing. The "with limits" part applies to anyone that thinks they are one of the other 49 Facebook genders. Man and Woman, that's enough. As for racial diversity, I believe in one race, the American race. A requirement to be part of the American race is the ability to read, write and speak America; regional accents are allowed. Speaking like your are from the ghetto excludes you from the American race. A ghetto is not a region.


I like meeting people from different cultures when I visit their countries. I don't like meeting people from different cultures when I go to the grocery store.


I am a Christian and as such I believe you are damned to hell if you do not take Jesus Christ as your savior. I get along with politically conservative Jews. I think Islam is a death cult and not a religion. Every Muslim believer has had their mind infected with evil since Mohammad was a terrorist and pedophile. I will never aid a Muslim in anything.

Life begins at conception. Ending that life is murder. In terms of law, there should not be any federal legislation on abortion. The only thing that would remotely create a need for a federal anti-abortion law is if an abortion provider operated a clinic on the boundary of two states and the woman receiving the abortion had one leg in a stirrup in one state and the other leg in another state. (see the 10th Amendment)

Homosexuals and the confused
Men, know the difference between your gun and your rifle. Teach your sons the difference between the two. Teach them how to use a rifle, but do not touch their guns. If you don't have a gun, you are a woman. There should be no confusion now. Women and men are meant to be together. Women are meant to be feminine. Men are meant to be masculine. Men, if your son acts or sounds feminine, toughen him up.

January 2015 update: The newly elected governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has nominated a transgendered Physician General. The commonwealth's legislature is control by Republicans by a wide margin. I doubt if we will hear a peep from them on this nomination and the state senate will confirm. Here's a picture, (sorry, the picture is required, as it greater than a thousand words):

Dr. Rachel Levine

Perhaps my logic is lacking or I lack compassion, but when I see a person like Dr. Levine I see someone that is mentally incompetent or at least mentally defective. A person such as this should have no say in public policy, particularly when it comes to health issues. It is even more egregious that Republicans, elected by conservatives, will not do the bidding of their constituents. Dr. Levine is an abomination to God and confirming its nomination is condoning the abomination. The commonwealth's Republican Senate will be quiet when they have a perfect opportunity to make an argument against the liberal agenda of Democrats. They won't make that argument and they will not attack newly elected Governor Wolf on his extreme politics and immorality. These are things that should be judged, discussed and make a difference. This nomination is the equivalent of nominating an ex-con to be Secretary of Department of Corrections.

Political Correctness

I am not politically correct. I grew up and formed my vocabulary and language skills prior to PC. I will not change my language to make someone feel comfortable. I may sound insensitive, but if you know where my heart is you would know the exact opposite.

Race and National Origin

I believe in American exceptionalism. As such, I also believe that there are countries/cultures inferior to ours. There are some places and people that we do not want to imitate. As for race, I am not color blind. I was heading that way prior to Obama becoming president, but to be completely honest Obama has made me into a racist. 95+ percent of blacks voted for Obama. I have a real problem with that. I also have a real problem with everyone of other races that voted for Obama. I prejudge, but hold my tongue. So when I see a black person I immediately think, "There's an Obama loving fool that wants to be a taker and hurt me as a maker.&quote; I hold my tongue until it is confirmed. There are some black public figures that I respect, e.g., Allen West.


The IRS should be abolished. It can no longer be a political tool or exist as an government entity where you are guilty until proven innocent. The easiest way to ensure that the IRS is never used incorrectly is to eliminate it completely. Along with eliminating the IRS, the entire tax code needs to be scraped - every single last page. The timing for the abolition of the IRS should be upon the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution. The Amendment that repeals the 16th shall limit taxation to duties, imposts, excises and consumption. Additionally, federal consumption taxes shall be limited to no greater than 10%. If 10% is good enough for God, it is good enough for government.

Given the repeal of the 16th Amendment and the existing tax code there would be a blank slate for a new tax code. All prior duties, imposts and excise taxes should be reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness and impact on the American economy, foreign policy and national defense.

There should be zero taxes on business, investing and American commerce. This would make give America the lowest tax rate (ZERO) in the industrialized world and business would come flocking to America. The existing tax code has America with the highest corporate income taxes in the world and also has the most loop holes. In the end, consumers pay all business taxes. It is not like businesses can create money out of thin air, a consumer like you or me pays for a good or service and part of that money goes to government as a business tax.

By eliminating all taxes on businesses, businesses will be able to focus on their business and not have to focus on tax avoidance. Research and development, investment in capital equipment and new processes will once again be the primary focus of business while creating the world's finest products and services.

American business will once again be unrivaled.

To compensate for the lack of revenue to the Treasury, there should be a flat consumption tax on the purchase of all assets and services. The consumption tax is paid by end consumers. It does not apply to B2B transactions. The consumption tax must be limited to first time sales of assets. Read that carefully, it is literal. E.g., The sale of stock for the first time (IPO) is taxed. Subsequent sales of the same stock are not. A new home, car, boat, or RV are taxed once, but not on a resale.

The consumption tax should be collected by the States and paid to the Treasury Dept. There are no tax forms. There are no refunds. There are no taxes owed, except at the time you purchase an asset or service.

Unlike Neal Boortz flat tax, I do not believe in a tax rebate. That is a welfare program that gives people money when they do not work or add to society.

I apologize to all the accountants, lawyers and lobbyists. You are bright and intelligent people. You will find other employment that actually adds value to society.

To the naysayers of the 10% cap on the consumption tax: all I have to say is that we need to cut/eliminate government so that 10% pays the bills. In the process we will find tremendous freedom and liberty.

Department of War

The Department of Defense should be renamed to the Department of War. The name change indicates a razor sharp focus on its sole function to wage war. The United States should no longer go to war under other monikers. The War Powers Act should be repealed. Congress needs to reclaim its constitutional power to declare war and take responsibility to do its duty instead of hiding behind the War Powers Act.

The War Department shall cease all activities that are not related to killing and breaking things. That includes humanitarian aid missions. That is not part of the constitution. If you feel like you want your hard-earned dollars to go to Muslims affected by a tsunami, then give it to some aid organization. I don't want my earnings to go to Muslims via the military. I want our military to be meanest, most brutal and effective force ever seen by mankind. That can't occur when we aid the enemy.

To make our military the meanest, most brutal force ever seen by mankind it is necessary to increase standards, continually develop new weapon systems and cut the PC bull crap.

All gays, transgenders and those that do not know the difference between a rifle and a gun should be immediately dishonorably discharged. Women will not be allowed in combat positions. Sorry gals, you lack testosterone and strength. While you may act tough, God made you to be feminine. Now act like it.

War, when declared, will be waged in an effective and economical way. America does not start wars, it ends wars. And does it quickly. If conventional "dumb" munitions are effective, then "smart" weapons should not be used. I don't give a crap about collateral damage. Americans value the lives of innocents. Collateral damage occurs when accidents happen.

Our military will not stop its brutal destruction and killing until the enemy unconditionally surrenders. An enemy on the run or retreating is still a valid target and should be destroyed. This brutality is intentional. It serves notice to the enemy and future foes that they will be destroyed and it is a futile effort to oppose our will. It also ensures that wars are short and American soldiers, marines, airmen and seamen are not put at risk any longer than needed.

The balance to this brutality will be shown how we treat captured soldiers. They will be food, water, basic sanitation, medical care and essential shelter. Captured Muslims will be given a strict diet of pork. That is a joke. POW's will be fed in the most economical method possible while avoiding starvation.

Spoils go to the victor. When possible, wars will be financed via spoils, however there should be no wars with the intent to fill our treasury.

There will be no rebuilding of conquered nations. We'll leave that to the French.


The federal government is not given the power by the US Constitution to be involved in education. Hence, the Department of Education and any other government entity that provides education to businesses or citizens should be abolished. The States need to reclaim their powers under the 10th Amendment. With that said, most States should not be involved in education, but that is at the desire of the citizens of those States. Personally, I believe in the responsibility of parents to educate their children.

The federal government shall cease all grants and loans related to education. This will drastically reduce the cost of secondary education. The federal gravy train has only aided in the rapid inflation of educational costs. If one must borrow money to go to college, so be it, but let it be from a bank that has complete control over who it lends and not lends. If I were a loan officer at a bank, I would not approve an educational loan if the student's major was Women's Studies, African-American Studies or any other liberal mumbo-jumbo. Those degrees could still exist, but you have to pay for them yourself or find a bank foolish enough to lend you money.

More general ideas on education ... This notion that everyone needs a college education is bunk.

Let me be clear (in the voice of the Obama, his highness) ... 50% of the American people have below average IQs. This is an immutable fact based on the law of averages. 50% of Americans should not seek college educations, actually it should be even more than 50%. That is not to say that vocational and technical training shouldn't be pursued. Then there are some that are not capable of pursuing vocations. There is nothing wrong with that. There are some people that are meant to be ditch diggers and trash men. We should not judge people by their jobs or wealth. We should judge people by their character. And yes, we should judge; and then help those who are lacking. (That's on an individual basis, not via the government.)


Abolished. (See 10th Amendment.)

Federal Lands

All federal lands not used for military installations shall be given to the States. Note that I did not write purchased by the states. This includes national parks, national forests, preserves and other "protected" lands. The States can decide what they want to do with those lands whether it be for conservation, protection, recreation, development, simple sale to citizens, or other uses.

Food Stamps

Abolished along with Department of Agriculture. The States can perform the necessary functions that the Department of Agriculture provides.

Department of Health and Human Services

Abolished. No welfare. The States and private citizens can pick and choose to whom their money goes.

Obama Care

Abolished. All rules regulating health insurance and health care should be abolished. It is too much law that created problem with our healthcare system. States can govern health care as they see fit. If you want to live with socialists, move to Massachusetts. You should have the freedom to live with like minded people.

Social Security and Medicare

Unfortunately too many people rely on Social Security and Medicare. Social Security and Medicare are promises that people rely upon for their existences when they are no longer able to work. This is a social contract that must be maintained, however a social security and medicare reform act should placed into effect when all those at the time enactment are age 50 and below will not receive social security and medicare benefits. Social Security and Medicare programs well end when the last recipient dies.

Additionally the social security and medicare reform act will eliminate crazy checks, better known as social security disability. People can purchase disability insurance on the free market. It does not have be another government program that is abused.

Unemployment Insurance

The federal government should not be involved in providing unemployment insurance. For that matter, I personally do no think state governments or businesses should be involved in unemployment insurance, but if you wish to live in a state or be employed by a business that provides unemployment insurance then you have that freedom. Unemployment insurance should be purchased on the free market where there is competition. You should have the freedom to purchase or not purchase unemployment insurance.

Crime and Punishment

Our penal system in America is an failure. It is expensive and ineffective. It is filled with illegal immigrants. We should not have to pay for such a failure and we should go back to the days when criminals were punished.

The system as it functions today is not humane and is a setup as a factory that breeds better criminals and more Muslims. Criminals should not be given the opportunity to become stronger in their bodies, but instead to become stronger in their souls and minds. (Islam excluded.) Prisons should provide the opportunity for criminals to atone for their sins, not an opportunity to become better sinners.

We should return to the days of hard labor and confinement. Criminals should leave prison broken and sincerely remorseful of their transgressions on society. Then as a societal pact, we should then give ex-cons a second chance in life. This is not possible as things stand today.

Criminalization of Our Youth

Kids make mistakes; and in some cases children are penalized for things that are not mistakes. Too many of our youth are getting criminal records or have their "permanent record" besmirched by over-zealous liberal educators.

There was a time when children were punished appropriately but their futures were not destroyed. This was a learning process for children. But today it is common that when two boys fight in school that they end up being charged with assault and are sweep away to a "special school" when all they are doing was conflict resolution that is inherently natural. We have teachers and school administrators persecuting children for positioning their fingers in the shape of a gun. Meanwhile, real criminals are given special treatment. There are countless examples of criminalization of our youth that runs the gamut from mistakes to normal behavior.

Good men and women need to stand up and make examples of the liberals that destroy lives before they have even begun.


All people within our borders that are here illegally should be deported. It is not impossible to do as some liberals and RINOs suggest. Since when did we become a nation that was incapable of doing anything?

Legal immigration should be allowed from selected countries. Legal immigration will exclude all Muslims and for all reasons. All Muslims in America will have their visas revoked and will have a period of 60 days to self deport. Those remaining after 60 days will have all their assets confiscated in payment of a one way ticket to some desert in the world - it really doesn't matter which desert. The liberal side of me thinks a case of water per person would be humane.

Legal immigration shall required a language test that varies based on the type of visa sought, e.g., vacation/travel visa, no test, work visa a test. If you work here, you need to speak fluent American.

Our borders need to be protected. I have no problems with putting up signs that say "Do not enter" and creating a clear firing line where anyone entering is killed. The liberal side of me thinks the signs should be in English, Spanish, and French (for our northern border). This solution will be less expensive and more effective than building a wall.


This is a different issue than immigration. I welcome new citizens to America. They have to have a means to provide for themselves. They can never receive government assistance. As part of Social Security and Medicare reform, new citizens will not receive any benefits, regardless of age. New citizen are required to read and write the American language. New adult citizens must be literate. New adult citizens with children must pay for 100% of the education that their children must go though to assimilate in American schools. Public schools will not have any English as a second language courses payed by tax dollars. Anyone previously illegally immigrating to America can never be a citizen, nor enter our nation. Male legal immigrants that want to expedite their citizenship may serve in the military, but must conform to the simple rules above.

An American Language

The American language should be come the official language of government. All signs, documents, websites, communications, etc. shall be in American. If businesses want to burden Americans with other languages, so be it - it is their right. If you or I, or anyone else wants to speak other languages, so be it - it is a right. However, when dealing with government at any level, American will be spoken and written. Proper immigration and citizen policy will see that all people that need to communicate in American are capable of communicating in American.

Islam, the religion of peace

From the Qur’an:

Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them (2:191)

Make war on the infidels living in your neighboorhood (9:123)

When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them (9:5)

Kill the Jews and the Christians if they do not convert to Islam or refuse to pay Jizya tax (9:29)

Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable (3:85)

The Jews and the Christians are perverts; fight them (9:30)

Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam. (5:33)

The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque (9:28)

Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies (22:19)

Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them (47:4)

The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them (8:65)

Muslims must not take the infidels as friends (3:28)

Terrorise and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an (8:12)

Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorise the infidels (8:60)

2nd Amendment

The second amendment is all that is needed. Every gun control/arms control law is unconstitutional. Every gun/arms control law needs to be repealed. Period.

I include arms in the above statements because arms are not just guns. Arms can be rocks, knives, spears, swords, tanks, mines, or even heavy artillery. Citizens of the United States should be armed to the point that the politicians are scared enough to do the will of the people. It shouldn't be the other way around.

A side note, I am particularly proud to being a citizen of Pennsylvania when it comes to the freedom to bear arms. The commonwealth's constitution states: The right of the citizens to bear arms in defence of themselves and the State shall not be questioned. Art. 1, § 21 (enacted 1790, art. IX, § 21). Given this, Pennsylvania is one of the leaders in the nation when it comes to a lack of gun control. Only a few laws need to be repealed at that state level. These include the requirement to having a license to carried concealed. Pennsylvania allows open carry without a license. There are no magazine or cosmetic gun control laws.

More to come. This page is under construction ...