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Since Dec 3, 2004

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The UN is dead long live the UN

New Zealand

The Asian Tsunami

"Fear not good people, help is on it's way"

A dork while doing anything

[10:45:49] EVE System > Channel MOTD: -Welcome to FIX's Querious Defence Force Channel-

OutBreak is Hostile If you see them in your System SafeSpot. They Tend to Patrol the 3-F pipe.

Although 9CG is in BoB hands It is still FIX's Home. FIX will reside in Querious as its caretakers. Dont be Shy Querious is Home.

Join FIXBOB Channel to Join BoB/FIX Gangs
BoB TeamSpeak IP:
PassWord: SkaffenSucks
FIX TeamSpeak IP: