Since Mar 21, 2001

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64 year old combat-disabled Vietnam Vet. Active lurker since spring of '97. Unable to participate back then because I was on a 4 year foreign assignment using company computer resources. Ex-Telecommunications Professional. Currently medically retired with Advanced Liver Disease and "end stage" Emphysema. Married to a wonderful woman (also Freeper) for 25 years/no kids, but one "very" active Pomeranian male puppy. Strong conservative constitutionalist; NRA/Second Amendment Task Force member; have Virginia CCP with 92FS Compact as weapon of choice. Currently confined to power wheel chair and oxygen and what seems to be enough meds to open my own pharmacy. Am on Home Hospice Care and don't really know how long I have left. Seems it varies depending on which doctor I talk to. Could be six days, could be six months or more. Also, I'm a voracious reader and crossword solver. I will keep the faith and carry the flag for as long as I have left. Bless you all and God Bless America.