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I’m not affiliated with any political party. I am a believer in strictly following the constitution. Conservative on fiscal, moral, and ideological issues.

I’ll write more after giving this section more thought.

Cardinal Newman on pagan inclusion

Springfield Reformer on binding and loosing

No idols

Rood changes scripture

Early Church on Sola Scriptura

Sola Scriptura - Church Fathers

Ezekiel 38 countries.

Magog- Russia
Meshech and Tubal - Eastern Turkey
Persia - Iran
Cush and Put - Ethiopia (Cush) and Lybia (Put)
Gomer - Eastern Europe
Beth Togarmah - Saudi Arabia
Tarshish - Great Britain

Mary not the mother of God

Daniels prophecy explained

Early Canon

Catholic Church prohibited scripture to lay
Original source can be found here

Catholic Grace Plus Works

Pope Pius XII on Holocaust

The Apostles' Journeys>

Dogma of the assumption of Mary with proof they believe she died. (#17)

The Jewish wedding

The Jewish Encyclopedia

The Huppah

Catholic Church officially declared that Mary died.

Excellent post on the real presence.

Catholics must submit mind and intellect

For Catholics seeking truth.>

Salvation is a gift and God keeps us.

A very good must read for rightly dividing.