Since Jul 17, 2003

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Dear Free Republic Supporters and Fans:

My name is Rick J. Radecki and I was born and raised in southern Cal', but now proudly call northern Nevada home--along with my wife of over 20 years and our 14-year-old daughter. We love it here in the Dayton/Carson Valleys just on the other side of the Sierra Nevadas, but still close enough to Cali' where we can keep close tabs on the culture and politics there--as we still have much family and many dear friends there (including conservative acquaintances, I might add).
Many consider me to be a hyper-active citizens' activist, all in the name of God, America, freedom, justice and whatever is right--as opposed to bowing down at the alter of "poltical correctness." But, if the truth be told, I'm simply a hardworking, faithful and law-abiding father, husband and son who is sick and tired of America seemingly being overrun by liberals, communists, facists and all those who are "offended" that the name "God" is so prevalent throughout this country's documents and roots and culture and laws.

In closing--as I am blessed enough to have married a Southern Belle from down along the Gulf Coast of Texas, so if any of you has a hankering for good, old-fashioned Southern-style cooking--in particular, Tex-Mex or Cajun--whenever you're passing through the High Desert of northern Nevada (just an hour's drive outside of Reno--the "Biggest Little City in the World"), come on in and sit a spell and partake of my dear bride's culinary skills, as well as some down-home'll swear you weren't in the Silver State, but somewhere deep in the heart of Texas.

Anyway, as Mike Reagan always closes out his daily radio program, let me leave you with this: "Keep your head down and your powder dry!"

God's blessings,

"Rick J. Radecki