Since Jan 31, 2003

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- I am originally from Wyoming, and I now live in Arizona (Phoenix).

- I am conservative with my major conserving focus on the U.S. Constitution and the values of the country.
- My credo is “Take nothing you haven't earned”. (Legitimate charity is OK).
- I believe that there are things worth fighting for. I detest liars, cheaters, cowards, scoundrels, and those who won't answer a question directly (in other words - Liberals). I particularly dislike those who can't be reasonable and logical, who must resort to name-calling, vitriol, and evading the issue.

- I served in the U.S. Occupation Army in Germany after WWII, after which I served 8 years in the USAF. I believe that the Vietnam war was the right thing to do. I was not sent to Vietnam.
- I was discharged before Kerry and his friends spit on returning soldiers and sailors, so I was not directly affected by his and his friends’ actions. I was angered and hurt by their actions, but I didn’t say anything. I had a "life to live", and those returning soldiers were out of sight (you know, typical excuses). I wish that I had done something.
- Now, some of those soldiers/sailors are again fighting a very important “war” (Kerry’s atrocities and unfitness). This time, I and others must not let them down. We must recognize their bravery (past and present) and we must have the courage to help them.