disenfranchised agitator
Since Aug 7, 2009

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Hey. I am a 25 year old musician who makes his living (if you can call it that), by teaching guitar lessons at a local music store. I write songs (music and lyrics), sing and play guitar in a punk rock band. We are heavily influenced by the Clash. I have a distrust for the media, as well as both left wing and right wing parties. I think they are both shaking hands behind closed doors and laughing their heads off at how well they have the populous fooled. And middle of the road ... Well that just seems pointless. Oh well. Other interests of mine included being civilly disobedient, defying the established infrastructure, finding disgust with the modern world, and showing exemplary manners to my fellow human beings. I am saddened and outraged about the current state of my country and world. I hope you are too.

Your brother in arms.....