Since Mar 12, 2001

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If you're looking at my profile, you're either very bored,
were wondering about my screen name, or inadvertantly clicked your mouse.
In any case, I want to use this space to say a few words about
a friend of mine from high school.

Brad was one of our group of five.
We were very close knit.
Your typical bunch of high school kids, always thinking about
getting away with something, but never in any real trouble.
That was a during a time when parents who DIDN'T use corporal punishment
were questioned.
But of us all, it was Brad who exuded a passion for his primary ambition which,
even at that time in our lives, was impossible to ignore.
And although we probably didn't fully realize it, his energy and drive
benefited every one of us in some way.
Brad WAS going to join the U.S. Air Force and fly A-10's.
You knew he was.
There was no doubt.
It was a fact as absolute and unyielding as gravity itself.
Since most everyone in our class had moved to Florida from a different
part of the country, we scattered upon graduation.
We lost touch with each other, started our new lives, made new friends,
and, for the time, forgot about those high school years.

Fast forward approximately 10 years.

Brad was one of those people whom everyone always asked about.
"Has anyone heard from Brad?"
"I wonder where Brad is?".
We just assumed that he had more important things to be concerned with than reminiscing.
But none the less, we all asked the questions whenever we would talk or gather.

After 23 years my questions about Brad have finally been answered.
I was at once shocked, saddened, and infinitely sorry.
Brad was killed doing what he was born to do.
Living his life as he chose.
But most importantly, he died in the service to his Country.
Brad was an A-10 pilot. Of course he was.
I was shocked to learn of his fate because I just coundn't imagine that anyone of our
little group would, or could, be taken away.
It forever alters those memories. Makes them much more special,
but a little more difficult to conjure clearly.
Brad's passing saddened me beyond words.
Maybe I'm at that age where death has finally, firmly
rooted itself into my realm of possiblities.
Maybe it's because I believe, I KNOW, that Brad will be missed
by many more people than our group of five.
Possibly even more so.
But mainly, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I didn't take the time, expend the effort,
to establish or maintain contact with a very special friend.
I'm sorry, Brad.
But I'll take comfort in knowing that you realized your dream, and lived it.

You will be missed.

What about ME?

What ABOUT me?

Not much to tell.

That Navy commercial which asks, "If someone were to write a book about your life,
would anybody want to read it?" (or to that effect) used to depress me.
Until "Living History" hit the shelves.
Now I feel that, yes, SOMEONE might want to read it.
Or at least buy a copy just to say they have one.

I am ex-Navy, submarine service.
Have lived in WI, FL, ID, CT, CA, MI, NJ, VT, and MS.

Some ways I pass the time, other than work:

Gym (not fun anymore)
American Kenpo (STILL interesting)
Kickboxing/boxing (exhausting)
Reading (non-fiction, mostly)
Shooting ("consciously competent")
FReeping (amusing)
Ocassional interstate travel for work and recreation.