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The Dems are wrong on Iraq

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/30/opinion/30pollack.html?_r=3&oref=slogin&oref=slogin&oref=slogin By MICHAEL E. O’HANLON and KENNETH M. POLLACK Published: July 30, 2007

Due Process? That's for terrorists, not white lacross players from Duke or Marines who serve to uphold the document that provides due process rights to the people who want to kill the people who afford them due process rights.

THE DEMOCRATS' PLAN (i.e. Murthtard) WITHDRAWS TROOPS A YEAR FROM NOVEMBER, HMMMMM, WHAT HAPPENS NOV. 2008????? (see The Exit/Entrance Plan: How to Buy Houses and Lose a War below)

Things I disagree with Democrats about:

1. Differentiating Al Q in Iraq from Al Q that hit us on 9/11 is a distinction without a difference. Both groups share the same aims, among them, killing us. It's like saying the KKK in AL was a totally different KKK in GA and thus we didn't need the FBI to fight both, only the ones who committed the church bombings in AL

2. Claiming Iraq is not part of the WOT or a central front in the war contradicts Al Qeada's leaders. I trust them more then Senate Dumbocrats as far as where their energies are focused.

3. Leaving a "civil war" that entirely implicates our national security and we helped create in Iraq to fight a civil war in Sudan that has nothing to do with us nor is tied to our national security makes no sense.

4. Listening to moveon.org and codepink but ignoring VETERANSFORFREEDOM.org demonstrates all the "we support the troops" evidence I need to see from democrats

5. It is logistically impossible to immediately withdraw from Iraq as some want to (and promised to during the elections). Moreover, the democrats' "plan" doesn't explain nor specify important details. It is a farce to appease the left and "pick up seats on both houses" - Reid. Furthermore, they refuse to answer what becomes of the Iraqis when we leave and why the slaughter of Iraqis after we leave is ok, but it's not ok in Sudan. And, contrary to the biggest idiot to run for office in the last 30 yrs, post-vietnam, as has been well documented, DID result in wanton death and violence, adn so will post Iraq if we leave too soon.

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The Exit/Entrance Plan: How to Buy Houses and Lose a War

2003 Dem make same statements as Bush (actually had said the same things long before Bush, and after the Clinton/Monica bombing of Iraq)

Enter How(in the world) Dean & Moveon.organization of idiots backed by $oro$. (aka in lib talk, “special interests money”)

No WMDs found, media guilt sets in about being perceived as pro war and wrong ++++ F911 Goebels Film

Polls begin to change

Kerry changes, and loses.

Moveon “we bought and own this party”

Party shifts hard left

Media + angry left continue to influence the polls

Code Pink aids terrorists. Dems, libs and terrorists share talking points

Cindy circus arrives on scene

“Bush lied” meme rackets up. (Bush lied by saying same things dems said for 5 years, including 2 prior to his taking office and after Clinton/Monica bombing of Iraq for same reasons)

Media continue pushing for DNC (kind of like a white guilt syndrome, here war guilt)

Clear empirically measured bias (corruption, Macca, foley, anti war coverage, ignore gold start families, etc.)

2006 elections won by MSM/DNC partnership (+ dissatisfaction with GOP re: immigration/spending/”corruption”, half of which [TN Senator + Delay not proven yet, but see Jefferson, Murtha, Reid, et al]

Post election: nothing accomplished, promises broken (corrupt people selected for committee positions, no real earmark reform, war continues on) + unpopular moves (immigration, corruption - tuna wage increase, use intelligence funding for global warming research, etc.) People realize not only more of the same, but worse.

Polls turn on Dems. Dems desparately overtly lie (no progress, no Al Qeada in Iraq, surge failed [before it began]).

Polls turn favorably re: war (slightly).

Dem introduce the Exit (and entrance) plan. Begin withdrawal now (”look we’re doing something!” [at any cost]) and finish just in time for a Democrat to ride into the White House right on time for the end of the war a “hero” to those too stupid to realize this is Sommalia x10000 again and to our enemies who have waited for this day, hoped for this election turnout, and now have anew Afghanistan to faciltiate a new and much worse 9/11.

There you have the, “exit [the war]/enterance[into the white house and house of congress] “plan” that “picks up seats” for the dems (quoting Reid) and emboldens our enemies. With the bonus of blaming Bush all the way to the ballot box.

And they did it without having to accomplish a single thing ( e.g., SS - still broke), nor put forth a viable plan for any of our problems at all!

[I own this timeline]