Since Mar 31, 2005

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25 years of age outside of birth canal,


AA-Degree Student currently enrolled at Florida Atlantic university p> "Genetic Mutt" [Canadian-French, Native American & amp; Lebanese Mix],

Born/raised, Live & work in (but occasionally allowed to leave & return to) South Florida.

I Love.. Jesus, His Word, Worshiping Him, Speaking/Hearing of Him, Listening/Talking to Him, Just...Enjoying Him.

I like...

Worship/Christian/Rock Music,

Driving (wherever I feel like doing so/or have destination in mind),

Shooting/Hunting (proud owner of Remington 870 Express 12-gauge shot/slug gun) and a Springfield XD-40 semi-auto pistol,

watching movies from Sherwood Pictures such as FIREPROOF and Facing the Giants as well as TRANSFORMERS ( 2007 & 2009 Michael Bay films and Animated TV show)

Playing with my 18-month 2nd cousin & my niece and nephews,

"PLaying" (as my Dad calls it) on computers,

Airlines, Airliners (YeaHAW BOEING 787!!!), cooking in a kitchen or at my current job in my church's restaurant.