fantail 1952
Since Dec 9, 2008

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I first signed up on FR some ten years ago, but after changing emails, lost touch and couldn't get back in, despite my attempts several times.

Anyhow, I am a registered republican who, in my first presidential election, voted for Barry Goldwater (AU/H2O 64)and every republican candidate since....except for Nixon. I voted third party in 68 and 72.

You might think my screen name is a bit unusual, but it reflects my hobby of raising purebred fantail pigeons for exhibition, since I was a lad in 1952. As we ALL know, some kids never grow up, and I still have them....

Living in Kaliphonya is tough, even though I do survive in a red zone of the great blue blob on the west coast.


Finally, after nearly fifty years of being just another citizen, registered as a Republican, and with what has been happening to my party and our country, decided to do more to try and help to change the party for the better. Along with a few fellow candidates for San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee membership, was elected in the primary, June 8.

Together, we will be working after being sworn in this coming January, to help reform the party to a more people-friendly orientation.

Have already begun the process though, working with candidates in the General Election, and as a Precinct Captain in my neighborhood. Relocated to South Carolina and was granted refugee status in time to vote the ful Republican ticketin 2016.