Since Mar 24, 1999

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Loveland, Colorado
Tom's Writings

Passing out copies of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th.

How I came to know Free Republic

I found Free Republic through a link from Drudge in October 1998. It felt like I came home. Here's a link to my Home Page. One thing that I encourage everyone to do is to write. Write about issues that are important to them. It is easy to be a keyboard warrior on sites such as Free Republic and criticize the happenings in the world around us and the people in it. I enjoy serious writing as well as off beat humor and parody. Here is a sample of some of my writing.

What I am up to now

Presently, I am the Chairman of the Loveland 912 Project, Sr. Vice Commandant Loveland Marine Corps League. I just finished 3 terms as Bonus Member on the Executive Board of the Larimer County Republican Party

The story behind my screen name

My screen name (fivetoes) comes from the fact that I have only five left. I was in an automobile accident in Feb. of 1983 resulting in the amputation of my left leg at the knee. Despite the obvious handicap, I lead a full life. I hunt big game, antelope, deer and elk in Colorado on crutches without the use of an ATV or government grant. I have found out that big game animals are not politically correct. They do not dumb down to give an old gimp an uneven advantage. This is one of the reasons I hunt. When I am out in the mountains it is me against the elements, in pursuit of elusive game. When I have harvested game, stood at the top of a hill and looked back at terrain I crossed to get to there, I know I did it without the assistance of a federal government program. Gee, I wonder if I could get them to install an escalator 8-). It's a pride thing, that those who never take a chance or risk will never know.
/>Note:One of the main reasons that I hunt is: Independence: We live in an almost artificial world. As a handicapped person I have an overwhelming desire to prove to myself that I can survive in the elements without the assistance of government programs. In the wild there is no Americans with Disabilities Act. The elk, deer and other wild creatures, not to mention Mother nature cannot read the legislation.

Personal Info

I grew up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, joined the US Marine Corps a week after graduation from South Lake High in 1970, I left active duty as a sergeant in 1973, worked as an assembly line worker at Ford's for a while. I moved out to Colorado in 1980.

I am happily married to a wonderful woman. We live in Loveland, Colorado. We have raised and are still raising ten children (yours-mine-ours). When we were married she had two, I had four and we have had four since then. Sort of like the Brady bunch, but more. Eight have left home, so its kind of quiet around home with only two kids there. We are happy in the knowledge that all eight who have left home were never in any serious trouble with the law and are leading productive lives.

My wife Dorié was a stay at home Mom. We believe that that is where Mothers should be. After all, it is the most important job on the planet. We get by on one paycheck. We believe the Ozzie and Harriet life style should be a goal, not something to be ridiculed and used as an excuse to tear apart the family structure.

My #1 Pet Peeve about government

Too BIG! It's BIGness and it's handouts makes people lazy and unresponsive, and as a result strips them of their pride and makes them weak and unable to fend for themselves. The federal government knows this about nature and that is why there are signs that say 'Do Not Feed The Animals'. If you feed animals long enough they will come to depend on the handout and not take care of themselves.

One thing that I do not remember is being debriefed when I left the active service of the United States Marine Corps. I took an oath upon entering the service the defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. I believe that anyone who has taken that oath still has an obligation to live up to it.

What being involved with Free Republic has done for me.

Since joining Free Republic in March of 1999 my life has changed in so many ways. I got involved with the Tyranny Response Team and was the web master for a while. Protesting in the streets of Denver against the million moms was my family's first introduction to speaking out in public and taking a stand against the leftists.

My wife and I got involved with the Second Amendment Sisters Colorado Chapter

Every year I host a Bill of Rights Day Celebration in my home town of Loveland, Colorado.

We attend the Independence Day Celebration every year in Loveland and hand out pocket Constitutions and copies of the Declaration of Independence to the crowd of 20,000 plus. Just before the fireworks begin I lead the crowd the Pledge of Allegiance.

Years ago I was involved with Operation Infinite Freep in Ft. Collins, CO and recently in Loveland.

I got tired of just complaining about the sad state of the nation and decided to get involved in politics, imagine that. I volunteered to be a precinct captain in Larimer county a week before the county caucuses. I have been busier than a one legged man in a hackey sack tournament since.

Many people have identified with a particular writing of mine entitled It's All My Fault. It is my confession of responsibility for the sad state of the nation. I gave it at as a speech last year at the Bill of Rights Day Celebration in Loveland in 2001.

Live life to the fullest, This is not a dress rehearsal!