Since Oct 21, 2002

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Love to read, especially Free Republic! I just don't have a lot of time to read all that is included here on FR, but wish I did! I am always referring others to this site, so they can enjoy the benefits of up-to-date news from some of the world's best [although, sometimes not all of it is the best ;)] God Bless the men and women of our armed forces and medical communities of whom and which I have a vested interest. I am an artist on the side, a nurse, a wife, and a mother. It is my prayer and hope that people will find God and stand up for what is good and right in this world. The longer I live, the more I respect my Grandmother and Father, who lived righteous and Godly lives, working hard and supporting their families. I try to live my life like this and never hesitate to tell people I respect them, if I see it repeated. My son is a US Marine, my daughter a nurse, and my eldest a Medical Student. God Bless the USA.