Since Mar 13, 2014

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I have homeschooled my children for many years, and I encourage parents to remove their children from the public schools.

While not affiliated with the following group, I do know them and I am pleased with the quality of their work.

So, here they are:


Roman Roads Media | Classical Christian Curriculum for the Homeschool

Some of the other materials include:

What We Do:

We publish Classical curriculum, from a Christian perspective, created for the homeschool.

Roman Roads combines its technical expertise with the experience of established authorities in the field of classical education to create quality video courses and resources tailored to the homeschooler. Just as the first century roads of the Roman Empire were the physical means by which the early church spread the gospel far and wide, so Roman Roads Media uses today’s technology to bring timeless truth, goodness, and beauty into your home. By combining excellent instruction augmented with visual aids and examples, we help inspire in your children a lifelong love of learning.

Our Vision:

To make high quality classical Christian education accessible, affordable, and flexible for the Christian homeschooler.

Our Mission:

To partner with master-teachers of classical education, turning their knowledge, wisdom, and experience into high-quality curriculum, leveraging the power of video technology and the internet to bring it into the hands of homeschoolers and classical schools.