Since Sep 17, 1999

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My name is Michael.

I am a volunteer fireman/ medic. I love doing this! We live in southwest Indiana.

I hold a Commercial Pilot License/ with a Flight Instructor. I have worked for 30 years for Duke enrgy, which when I started there, was Public Service Indiana. I've been off work for 2 yrs due to an accident. I am considering retirement.

I am proud to be a veteran of 3 White House Saturday protests, standing with our beloved DC chapter, against the crime and corruption of the Clinton/Clinton/Gore/Reno regime. My wife and I also attended the "Count The White House Silverware Ball" in Washington, D.C. and the 2nd FreeRepublic inaugural ball in 2005. We also attended both Bush Inauguration's. As a senoir in High School, our band went to the Jimmy Carter Inauguration and marched in the inaugural parade.