Freedom Frayed
Since Jul 8, 2009

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Do whatever you can each day, when and wherever you can, for the sake of our remaining liberties, perhaps volunteering to be a poll watcher or poll worker! Our country is depending on it's conservative base to take America back from those who seem to wish our very destruction. That base is each one of us!

The liberal, Marxist media is highly overrated, in the eyes of everyone but themselves. They are propaganda puppets, dancing to a tune that no one listens to anymore. Tune a deaf ear to them, and encourage others to do the same. Seek constitutionally conservative news sources, while they may still be found! If it were up to those who claim to care about "diversity", they would see to it that we had no ability to communicate via internet or conservative talk radio. By defending conservatism in your little corner of the world, wherever you may be, you are saving future generations from the continued destruction of our remaining personal liberties. The Obama oligarchy is falling from grace, just as any dictatorship does as it fails the people it was intended to serve, and gradually, even the "MSM" are awakened from their past 2 years of slumber, to the truth.... Wonder of wonders! And people are are groping for the truth, through the fog of media lies, knowing that in it, we have a chance to restore what we have lost. Despite the destruction that this administration has hurled on U.S., We remain one nation, under GOD, Who loves and cares for each of us beyond words! That is where the hope of every believer lies, and why those who do not know God, have no hope. I remain continually amazed at the desperate attempts of the left to take away the hope that we have in Christ, and replace it with a Godless society that looks to the Government for it's "collective" salvation. God help them! Our Saviour sent His perfect Son before us, to lead us, and to guide and direct us, and even to pour out His life for us. Follow His lead, and when you are discouraged, and remember that you are never alone, and know that salvation is a personal choice, not a collective act. It's exclusively between you and Our Savior, who is Jesus Christ the Lord! So, chooose wisely, because no decision matters more! Meanwhile, I hope that you will take a moment to check out (or check into) Gulag Bound at: