Since Dec 2, 2005

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I am a 33-year-old attorney (at least for now, and don't worry: I'm not a trial lawyer), grew up mostly in a small suburb of Boston. My parents and I moved to the US from the old Soviet Union in 1980 (I was born in Moscow), when I was 6, and within a few years I was fluent in English.

Currently, I am a SWM, 33, 5'11", 195; interests include hiking, food, music, politics, and edgy stand-up comedy; seeking SF, 25-37, similar interests.

Like most Russian immigrants (at least at that time), my family gravitated towards the Republican party due to their strong anti-communist stance and free-market tendencies. So I grew up Republican, but in no way "conservative." Comparing Russia and America, I cannot help but value personal freedom (i.e., sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, and all that) as well as economic - they are inseparable.

What am I politically? I hate "politics." Philosophically, I'm libertarian, anarcho-libertarian, whatever. I dislike labels, because labels obscure the individual. To liberals, I must be a conservative because I oppose taxes, support gun and property rights, support freedom of association, and believe that life begins sometime before birth. To conservatives, I must be a liberal because I'm not a fan of "law enforcement," oppose foreign intervention of ANY kind other than peaceful trade, and believe that life begins sometime after conception. Obviously, I can't be both a "survivalist militia wacko" AND a "loony, lefty, liberaltarian." I just like freedom. That's all.

Ron Paul 2008