Since Jul 29, 2000

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Individualist comic store owner in London,Ontario,Canada. Active in politics since the 80's. You can hear me debate a animal rights activist voice of freedom

FREEDOM vs THE ANTI-CAPITALIST MENTALITY: Many may be quick to dismiss the arguments presented by social activist Andreas Gripp. This would be a mistake. An 'animal rights' activist, opposed to the concept of 'money', a belief in 'public ownership' and 'democracy', an advocate of socialist/fascist policies (through the initiation of force) (yet who denies that he has been influenced by the collectivist philosophies of Kant and Hegel), Gripp offers an explicit illustration of the altruistic (anti-capitalist) mentality that philosopher/novelist Ayn Rand so eloquently exposed in her writings.

But most importantly, the ideas expressed by Gripp mirror many of the ideas and philosophies that drive our current political parties and governments --- and his own arguments illustrate clearly why the initiation of the use of force ALWAYS accompanies altruism. Yet such activists continually insist that they believe in a 'peaceful' non-violent society!

The destructive contradictions inherent in this collectivist philosophy are exposed by Freedom Party's executive member Gordon Mood and the show's host, Jim Chapman. They do so by simply asking obvious questions, questions that are seldom raised in the political arena to which they apply. Perhaps if more of us started asking such questions, we might start seeing our political leaders in a different light. This is a debate that defines the paramaters of ALL political debates: capitalism and freedom vs collectivism and state control. Enlightening. Listen in on this educational and enlightening debate and discussion with Andreas Gripp, Gordon Mood, and Jim Chapman